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Pingin Metro UI di OS Lama Anda?

5 October 2011

Beberapa saat setelah peluncuran Windows 8 untuk developer tampaknya pihak Microsoft harus berbangga karena sudah 500.000 kopi yang sudah diunduh. Namun versi ini hanya merupakan versi OS yang belum selesai. Untuk yang tidak ingin mengunduh versi developer tersebut, bisa mendapat Metro UI (user interface)nya menggunakan sistem Windows yang sudah dipunya.

W8 (Omnino + Rainmeter)

Ini adalah salah satu proyek open-source omnimo, yang menginstalasi Metro UI ke Windows 7


* Theming

You can customize every aspect of Omnimo. From simple colors and sizes, to pretty layouts, skins and themes.
* Simple

The entire project was done with ease of use in mind. Even novice users will find Omnimo simple to understand.
* Variety

Hundreds of Panels, TextItems and Extras as well as many variants. You’ll find practically everything in this suite.
* Multilanguage

Available in English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Chinese
* Optimized

Despite being the biggest and most complex Rainmeter suite, Omnimo is also one of the lightest on resources!

Sistem requirement:

  • Rainmeter 2.1 or higher
  • Windows XP\Vista\7
  • Internet connection for some panels

Download now:

  1. Rainmeter (2.1) (1.8 MB)
  2. Omnimo (22 MB)
  3. Add on (all) (21 MB)
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