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Siri Not Just for iPhone 4S

23 October 2011

Siri features in the iPhone 4S

Siri, is one of the exclusive features in the iPhone 4S is very interesting. But in fact this feature can also be used on the previous iPhone.

Siri capabilities that Apple is indeed shown tempting. This feature makes iPhone 4S users as if having a phone that can talk. No wonder the previous iPhone users envious made.

But apparently that feature is present exclusively for the iPhone 4S can also be used on the iPhone 4. This can be realized thanks to the ingenuity of application developers for IOS named, Steven Troughton Smith.

Siri applications work best seen in the iPhone 4. Users can talk just like on the iPhone 4S.

But not without a gap, the developer admits that they require special drivers for the GPU in the iPhone 4 to Siri run more smoothly. Well unfortunately, this software is only owned by Apple.

Although not perfect, but the experiments conducted the application developer’s Irish decent raised thumb. And at least, is enough to prove that the hardware is capable of running Siri iPhone 4.

Want to know what? Watch the video on youtube

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